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March 2019

First Days in America is a set of non-narrated audio and digital stories that highlight the experiences of immigrants in a changing America.

Brazilian food bridges one woman’s memories of home and her new life in America

by Jessica Flores

Natalia Pereira, a black Brazilian immigrant, opened her restaurant Wood Spoon to create a sense of home as she struggled to find her community in Los Angeles.

Baseball helped a Japanese immigrant find his place in postwar America

by Hafsa Fathima

Charles Igawa did not have an easy time during his early days in the U.S. — he was hired and fired at various jobs, struggled to learn English and faced obstacles in getting an education. It took a few friends and America’s favorite pastime for him to feel at home.

A DREAMer reflects on both sides of his hyphenated life

by Megan Manata

Hyun-Gyum Shin is a Korean-American DREAMer who — even after developing a ‘distinctly American worldview’ growing up in American schools — describes his search for a community in America that respects his blended background.

The heartbreak of being left three times fuels this filmmaker’s career

by Sandy Chávez

Ligiah Villalobos was torn away from one parent and then the other and moved from Mexico City to a small town in Utah. This is the story of how her turbulent childhood shaped her life and career in Hollywood, eventually gaining her international acclaim.

An artist rediscovers and reconciles his painful past through art

by Stephanie Aceves

Sayon Syprasoeuth, a Cambodian refugee, makes art to process experiences of war and trauma among his community and others.

“I considered America my country now. Even though I was not born here.”

by Son Ly

What is the cost of being separated from your parents as a young girl and then reunited with them four years later in order to have a better future? Ana Garcia reflects on how her life was forever changed because of Operación Pedro Pan (Operation Peter Pan).

Our Reflections

For every project, we ask our students to share their thoughts on what they learned and how they grew. These are their reflections.

Tips on how to survive Next Generation Radio

by Jessica Flores On my assignment this week, when I visited my story character’s restaurant, I moved around the kitchen taking photos, interviewing the staff while making sure I didn’t forget to ask a question. It was a long, stressful but extremely fun...